My story. How I became lucky enough to be my own boss.

“Lucky enough”, when I think about it I had the vision a long time ago and I’ve put little steps into place to finally be where I am now I grew up with a love for horses and riding. Then after finishing school that was it, I rode for the first year and enjoyed everything on offer. I had my own horses and was lucky enough to take some client horse from word of mouth.

Soon though I found the budget tight to continue solely riding so I was pressed to find a job to support my lifestyle. My parents never dished up money (occasionally they filled the fuel tank) so I’ve had to work my own way to keep a float and work for the things I have. I believe that upbringing made me the person I am today because I see so much satisfaction in setting goals and meeting them!

So off I went to work for a few extra dollars and continues riding. Still this wasn’t satisfying enough. I loved riding and if I didn’t have my health to ride full time I still didn’t have a career to fall back on.

A career presented itself in finance. I moved to the city of Melbourne and worked in stockbroking. Starting at the bottom of the pecking order I worked my way into a great position with a wonderful company called JM financial Group. A boutique firm managing funds within the ASX. I was trading shares, learning about stocks, attending meetings and my input was valued.

I loved it!! But in the back of my mind I loved the country and my mind was set on finding a way back to the country. During my journey in the CBD of Melbourne I found yoga. I developed a huge desire to learn more and within a year went off and completed my teacher training.

I started teaching yoga before and after work and soon I explored teaching on weekends back in the country. It seemed popular and a great contribution to riding for me. So I developed a FB page to share how yoga was improving me as a rider. “Yoga for the Modern Day Equestrian” started.

After 5 years in the city I decided to leave my job. A very scary thing to do – to leave a well paying good job! But after some sleepless nights and overthinking I decided to just do what felt right and I went for it. Figuring if I couldn’t sustain myself in the first year I’d go back to the city for work.

I’m now in my third year of horses and yoga, and most importantly I have a career to fall back on. I feel happier than ever. I have so many plans and I’m so proud of my decisions to land me where I am today!!